Aviation Turbine and Jet Fuels Microbiocide

Biobor® JF was specially formulated and introduced in 1965 to combat and eliminate Hydrocarbon Utilizing Micro-Organisms (Hum Bugs) throughout all jet fuel and avgas powered aircraft. Jet, turboprop and reciprocating engine as well as aircraft manufacturers worldwide have come to recommend this outstanding additive in their operating and maintenance manuals. Biobor® JF is used by airlines, general aviation operators and militaries around the globe, is a military specified product and is accepted for use by the FAA and IATA. Biobor JF is effective in both the fuel and water phase of all fuels, is non-corrosive and safe for both operating personnel and the environment. Biobor JF is the original, most recognized and accredited aviation fuel biocide in the world.

  • Kills and prevents bacteria and slime
  • Prevents plugged fuel filters
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Adds lubricity – protects injectors and pumps
  • Recommended by major diesel engine manufacturers
  • Dual Phase – both fuel and water soluble to ensure a complete kill – as recommended by engine manufacturers
  • Continuous use keeps fuel free of bio-contamination and adds lubricity – “All the fuel….All the time”®
  • Shock dosage eliminates existing contamination
  • Treats more fuel – (1oz : 80 gallons)
  • Effective in all hydrocarbon based fluids (heating oil, transmission fluids, bio-diesel)
  • The most widely used biocide in diesel and jet fuel since 1965

High-Tech Lubricity Agent for Aviation Fuel

Aviation Fuel today is drier than in years past thereby reducing its’ lubricity and reduced lubricity in fuel can cause problems for its users. That’s why Hammonds brings you LubriBor® Hi-Tech Lubricity Agent and corrosion inhibitor, the concentrated jet fuel additive designed to improve fuel lubricity, inhibit corrosion and reduce fuel system wear. Hammonds’ Lubribor is also a MIL-Spec product for use as a corrosion inhibitor in military jet fuel.

  • Adds Lubricity
  • Commercial and Military Jet Fuel
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Reduces Engine Wear
  • Mil-SPEC Product – US Dept. of Defense, QPL-25017
  • Protects Vital Parts

–Product Benefits–

LubriBor®is a concentrated jet fuel, diesel, gasoline, heatingoil and kerosene corrosion inhibitor / lubricity improver, designed to protect the quality of finished petroleum products and assure optimum corrosion protection for pipelines, tanks and fuel systems.

  • Provides superior corrosion protection
  • Completely oil soluble
  • Compatible with other fuel additives
  • For use in Jet Fuel, Diesel, Gasoline, Heating Oils and Kerosene
  • Provides excellent lubricity properties –20.3% average wear scar reduction (HFRR ASTM D-6079) –Protects injectors and fuel injection pumps
  • Approved for military aviation turbine fuel:
    • U.S. Dept. of Defense, QPL-25017
    • U.K. Ministry of Defense, QPL 68-251
  • May allow for use of jet fuel in ground equipment with proper dosage

–Treatment Rates and Blending–

LubriBor®    |   Fuel Treated
1 oz.       |     75 gallons
1 gal.     |    9,600 gallons

Typical CI/LI Military usage from 9-24 ppm
*Use approved limits for military jet fuel use

For maximum corrosion protection, LubriBor®should be addeddirectly to the fuel as far upstream as possible. For most effective blending, use metered injection, or if splash blending, add the appropriate quantity of LubriBor®to treat the entire fuel load during the loading of the storage tank of fuel transport. Only add to a fuel tank with at least 25% fuel load and only to tanks free of water and sediment.

  • Helps Prevent Fuel System Corrosion

  • Lubricates Vital Engine Parts

  • Approved for Aviation Us

  • Cuts Maintenance Costs

  • Reduces Engine Wear

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Improves Fuel Lubricity and Reduces Fuel System Wear.

Technical Data Sheet (pdf)