Southwest Fuel Systems is pleased to announce their approval to provide full-service maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO) and exchange services for original Triumph manufactured Hydromechanical Units (HMU) certified for use on the Rolls-Royce M250-C40B/C47B series of gas turbine engines.

The M250-C40B/C47B series engines incorporate a Full Authority Digital Electronic Fuel Control (FADEC) system which provides complete automatic control of the engine including temperature and speed limiting. The FADEC system has two main components – an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and a Hydromechanical Unit (HMU).

The HMU is engine mounted and driven by the N1 gear train and includes a fuel metering unit and one boost stage (high performance liquid ring) fuel pump and one main fuel pump (gear stage). The following HMU’s are supported by SWF:

23057878/23057879 113200-01A1
23064100 113200-01A2
23057880 113200-02A2
23057883 113200-02C2
23068653 113200-02C3
23069550 113200-02C4
23072207 113200-03C4
23072732 113200-03C6
23075392 113200-04A1
23078033 113200-04A5
M250-10152 113200-04B5
23072726 113200-03C5
23075496 113200-03C7
23078035 113200-03C10
23078056 113200-03C8
23067961 114070-01A1
23068651 114070-01A
23069251 114070-01A3
23069551 114070-01A4
23070726 114375-01A1
23072208 114070-03A4
23072731 114070-03A6
23075390 114070-04A1
23078029 114070-04A5
M250-10151 114070-04B5
M250-10239 114070-04B6
M250-10136 114070-04A6
23072725 114070-03A5
23078029 114070-04A4
23078030 114070-03A10
23078031 114070-03A12
23078032 114070-03A9
23078033 113200-04A4